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Welcome to AYSOU!


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***Announcing a new Referee Online Course for 8U Officials***

The Online 8U Official course provides training on officiating games with video clip examples for our youngest players (8U, 6U).



To request additional webinars or times, email


Having issues logging on to AYSOU? Click here to learn how to Activate your Sports Connect Volunteer Account.

inLeague Volunteers: Synchronize your inLeague credentials with AYSOU. See the inLeague Volunteer FAQ for more information.

Returning Volunteers: If you are having problems accessing AYSOU with your username and password, you will need to reset it in Sports Connect. Remember, password resets will refresh in one business day (overnight) before you can access AYSOU.


Note: If you are a new volunteer, you will need to wait one business day (systems refresh overnight) from the time you registered as a volunteer to have access to AYSOU. The process to activate your AYSOU account must be done through Sports Connect (see link above).


Login to your Registration Application with your current username/password before linking to AYSOU. If you are not automatically logged in or you receive failure notice,  please note that Sports Connect Mobile 1st Usernames/Passwords are synchronized with AYSOU overnight.